AQM 981 Intake Screens

The Issue
The GT4’s side intake ducts have recessed vents that are difficult to see and clean. If not routinely checked, they accumulate large sized rubber/debris blocking the vents. These vents also have relatively large openings that allow a good deal of the smaller rubber/debris to bypass the vents and make their way up the intake to the filters. Both these issues can lead to a significant reduction in airflow over time, reducing the car’s performance.

The Solution

Our Intake Screens are installed at the entrance of the inta
ke ducts, providing an immediate and significant reduction in the amount of rubber/debris in the intake system clogging the vents and dirtying the filters. Being at the entrance, they are also more convenient to check and clean. This is a great upgrade to the intake system for the street, and very beneficial for those tracking their cars. It also looks fantastic : )


$398 per pair

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