Front Suspension

Our unique upside down guiding system enables us to take advantage of large diameter damping piston. This eliminates the need to run a stiff spring, resulting in greater and longer mechanical grip from the tire.


Rear Suspension
Strong Progressive damping and spring, supports the extra weight from the rear engine overhang, without lifting the front wheels under full acceleration.


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3-Way Damping Adjustment
Low speed (or intial movement) - 32 positions
High speed (or large inputs) - 18 positions
Rebound (unloading of the spring and wheel) - 32 positions


1-Way Damping Adjustment
Combines overall compression and rebound damping adjustment - 32 positions


Fully Progressive Springs
The rate of the progressive spring increases as the load on it increases. Progressive springs require less rebound damping control, which results in a smoother ride.


Chassis Setup
When you purchase suspension from us we supply a complete chassis set-up with recommendations for toe, camber, castor, ride height, spring rate, damper setting and in some cases can supply front and rear LSD set-up. You are also free to contact us about changes for varying conditions in different parts of the world.

3-Way Adjustable (Complete with Springs & Top Mounts)
  • 996 Cup Circuit Cup Circuit
  • 996 Cup Tarmac
  • 996 GT2/3 Circuit
  • 996 GT2/3 Tarmac
  • 997 Cup Circuit
  • 997 Cup Tarmac
  • 997 GT2/3 Circuit
  • 997 GT2/3 Tarmac
  • RSR Circuit

1-Way Adjustable (Complete with Springs & Top Mounts)

  • 996 GT2/3 Road/Track
  • 997 GT2/3 Road/Track

EXE-TC's Performance Philosophy

You may think that extra power is the greatest gain in vehicle performance and lap time. However, you may be surprised to know that the most significant single gain comes from suspension and tire control. The best example of this is on the race track where approximately 80% of the lap time is spent entering and exiting corners.

EXE-TC's knowledge and experience of the relationship between tire, spring, ARB and damping allows us to develop the chassis kinematics, weight distribution and influence tire frequency to generate mechanical grip.

Maximizing mechanical grip together with improved chassis balance results in greater driver confidence.


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